COVID19 Diaries

Historians are recommending we capture our daily activities during these weird times. It made me think of John Wesley’s diaries. They are so interesting to read now. I’m not sure how our COVID19 diaries would even compare.

Right now I’m writing this via an app on my phone. My laptop is across the room. I had only planned to write a few words, but then the thoughts kept coming. You know, this is what happened when introverts spend too much time alone. We can’t stop thinking.

So here’s my silly list from yesterday.

1. Emailed invoices to clients

2. Organized my kitchen and found a large supply of dried beans

3. Ran 2 miles on the treadmill

4. Yelled at my adult children for not taking this seriously. It’s ok, I yelled at my parents last week.

5. Cooked the last of the salmon

6. Cleaned…again

7. Tried to make a chaplain visit, but everyone is on lockdown

8. Read a book

9. Took pictures of my dog

10. Drank coffee

Feel free to share your list from yesterday in the comments. God bless you!

3 Comments on “COVID19 Diaries”

  1. 1) Wrote a devotion.
    2) Prepared a small stamping company to have the entire non-production staff work from home.
    3) Met with management to try understanding the new legislation impacting our small business and helping to form a strategy to protect our team.
    4) Started learning about new tools for streaming and assembling worship services.
    5) Took a nap.
    6) Learned music for our next virtual worship service this Sunday.
    7) Made some calls just to stay in touch with people I am suddenly not seeing. Arranged one visit to happen this afternoon.
    8) Put our Christmas lights back out.
    9) Rehearsed with the worship team – and it was streamed live! We actually had people watching. I would never (ever ever) have thought of doing that, but am so glad we did.
    10) Read myself to sleep.

    • You are a very busy man; and, yes loved watching you guys rehearse. I could hear it well on my phone; not so much on my PC. It is so comforting seeing you all live. Miss all of you something awful.

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