I’m keeping a list of my daily activities so I can laugh at myself in a few years. And maybe think how pathetic it all was, but probably not.

1. I ran 2 miles outside. It was 60 degrees.

2. Wrote and recorded a video devotional

3. Stood on the porch and listened to the birds sing

4. Cleaned…again

5. Apologized to several people

6. Texted my parents some photos so they can see I’m ok

7. Arranged meals for a few people

8. Planned our Sunday worship alternative plan

9. Read all the COVID19 updates on what I can and cannot do

10. Cried

What about you?

2 Comments on “COVID19 DIARIES 3.21.20”

  1. On 3.21.20
    I went to market and pharmacy

    I actually cooked for an elderly couple (me and hubby) 😜

    I read 1 Samuel 25…again. Abigail is one of my visionary heroes. She caught the vision God gave David.

    I walked around the garden and observed new growth and mapped out garden plan

    I praised God! I thanked God!

    I ate the rest of those awesome chocolate chip cookies I baked. 😊

    This was fun!

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