Yesterday’s list of daily activities:

1. Recorded business receipts

2. Made chili. But the store was out of the ingredients I typically use, so it didn’t taste right. I still got a thumbs up from my family.

3. Ran 2 miles on the treadmill

4. Watched a stupid 80s movie

5. Read a book

6. Disinfected my phone like 12x

7. Laundry

8. Played too much Candy Crush

9. Listened to podcasts

10. Laughed really, really hard!

What about you?

5 Comments on “COVID19 DIARIES 3.22.20”

  1. 1) Walked to the DACC to turn out the two lights we placed to illuminate the stained glass facing the road
    2) Practiced worship music for today’s live stream
    3) Wrote a devotion
    4) Played more with Open Broadcast and Online.Church. Still lots to learn, but pondering using Open Broadcast to record a live devotion this week.
    5) Hung more Christmas lights
    6) Put a timer on the DACC lights
    7) Visited with neighbors
    8) Watched Bullett and a documentary on the life of Leslie Howard with my wifeling
    9) Edited my daughter’s school paper
    10) Made contact with several friends up north and across the country

      • You guys inspire me. Only thing is, I don’t remember what I did yesterday. I don’t even remember what I did an hour ago. I would have to stop and write things down as the day moves along. That would bring me to another task and I would never go back to what I was doing in the first place. So, I can’t play. But I love reading what all of you have done.

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