Today is Monday. It’s my Sabbath. But it feels strange taking a Sabbath during a quarantine. I’m already not doing my regular work.

During this time, I’m keeping a daily list of my activities. Yesterday was pretty relaxed since I didn’t preach. But here are some of the things I did.

1. We gathered as a staff and few extras to lead worship online.

2. I gave announcements live wearing swim goggles and a floaty.

3. I had oatmeal and coffee during my morning prayer time. I always do this on Sunday and I wanted to keep the routine.

4. I watch two deer laying in our front yard.

5. I made pancakes and chili dogs for lunch. It’s a quarantine. You can eat whatever you want to!

6. I watched a LOT of my friends preaching online. I heard about 10 messages and I was so proud to be a Nazarene pastor. Is that bad? Can I be proud about it? All the ones I watched brought hope. No one was doom and gloom. And we really need to be hope peddlers right now!

7. I broke protocol and gave one of my staff members a hug. She needed it and promised to wash her hands.

8. Mediated

9. I took the day off from cleaning. But I did wash my hands after using the bathroom.

10. I let the dog in and out and in and out again.

What about you?

2 Comments on “COVID19 DIARIES 3.23.20”

  1. I love reading your diaries. You are so funny. You never fail to lift my spirits. The best part of my day yesterday was when some of the DACC staff showed up at my door with Food. It was mostly homemade and and was oh so yummy. Because of 2 underlying health issues, I couldn’t take some of the food; and I felt bad. They couldn’t come in because of COVID-19; but just seeing DACC peeps in person almost brought me to tears.

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