These are strange days!

We had a district wide meeting in Zoom yesterday. And today I will have a staff meeting in Zoom. We need a new plan. A new plan as compared to the old new plan.

We are officially on Stay at Home order. I’m not sure my brain has language for this. It’s like all those weird scifi movies, but no zombies or machine guns…yet.

So here’s my list for yesterday.

1. I made BBQ chicken on the grill. But a few pieces didn’t cook through completely and my husband was feeling a little I’ll. He seems to be doing better this morning. So it turns out I may have given him food poisoning instead of COVID19.

2. I entered receipts for the business and started pulling the tax information together. That was depressing.

3. I spent about 30 minutes looking for my passport. It was in my purse.

4. I washed all the blankets from the church. I guess I got bored doing my own laundry.

5. Oh yeah, I did a Zoom meeting with a bunch of pastors.

6. I posted and scheduled some new devotionals.

7. Candy Crush. I need to stop!

8. I threw a bunch of stuff away.

9. I cleaned. 😬

10. I watched Beth Moore on YouTube because we need to keep feeding ourselves.

What about you?

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