Yesterday was beautiful! It was sunny and warm and I even got outside for a run. My husband woke up not feeling so well though. We kept him quarantined to the bedroom. I kept checking on him and he seemed to be alright.

Here is a list of some of my activities:

  1. Staff meeting via Zoom
  2. Ran 2 miles outside and hit my first quarter goal of 75 miles
  3. I had a coaching session with my coach via Zoom
  4. Bible study via Zoom (do you see a pattern here?)
  5. I roasted brussel sprouts and carrots on the grill and didn’t make anyone ill
  6. I did some laundry. You didn’t see that one coming did you?
  7. Checked on the husband multiple times to make sure it wasn’t COVID19…just in case.
  8. Listened to a podcast
  9. I did some sermon prep
  10. I researched online giving apps

Here’s a little clip of our online staff meeting. I thought you might enjoy the laugh. Those who are part of my congregation might enjoy seeing us “behind the scenes”.

What about you?

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