On Thursday I decided I needed to get out. I maintained a safe distance at all times. But I needed some resources from my church office. I also had some Dunkin Donuts coffee there.

It was so hard to focus yesterday. I learned that four friends are in the hospital with COVID19. It certainly takes on a new perspective when you know people’s names.

Here’s my list for yesterday:

1. I walked the neighborhood and prayed for our faith community.

2. I worked on our newest plan for Zoom Church.

3. I posted some encouraging words.

4. I spent time reading.

5. I walked the dog.

6. I dropped a package at UPS.

7. I checked on my husband multiple times. He’s still sick. It’s not COVID19.

8. I cleaned the bathroom many times. Did I mention my husband is sick?

9. I went to McDonald’s. I know. Now I’m going to have to run extra miles.

10. I spent extra time journaling.

What about you?

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