Was yesterday Friday? It’s been Friday for two weeks. I keep setting my alarm and my brain is like…nope, you don’t actually have anywhere to go.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time learning new mediums for our Sunday worship. I feel like we’re cramming for the exam of a lifetime! How will we know if we passed?

Here’s my list of activities for Friday:

1. My daughter had a follow up visit at the doctor. One of her goals this year was to get some health issues under control. It’s hard being young and female. Doctors don’t listen to you. They think you’re being a drama queen. So I was there for moral support. He still spent more time directing answers to me. She is almost 21. What part of HIPAA?

2. My daughter and I decided we deserved a trip to Target after that experience. We did need to get an RX filled. Target is a VERY dangerous place during a quarantine. Not because of the virus, but because you can spend some serious money. And no one is there! The store all to yourself? Dangerous!

3. My husband has returned to the land of the living so I am now able to sleep in my bed. It was nice.

4. I spent 3 hours trying to learn the advanced features of Zoom.

5. I discovered The Mentalist on Amazon Prime.

6. I walked 5 miles on the treadmill while watching The Mentalist.

7. I tried to work on my sermon. Sigh.

8. I read for awhile.

9. I prayed for so many on my list.

10. I ate ice cream.

What about you?

2 Comments on “COVID19 DIARIES 3.28.20”

  1. Started the day off with my devotionals (same as every other day). I experienced another round of esophagus rejection. My list of “forbidden fruit” is growing. Made it 2 days in a row walking outside. Was busy all day doing what I don’t remember.

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