Today will be our first Sunday celebrating the Lord’s Supper virtually. I’m not sure the first apostles ever imagined it, but God saw it long before we ever thought of the idea.

Yesterday, we spent a lot of time preparing for it. We did a practice run, but no idea if it will flow. It’s like planting the church all over again. Everything is new. Everything is experimental. But God is in our midst.

Here are my activities from yesterday:

1. I recorded my message about 4x

2. I worked on my sermon from my church office. No one was there.

3. I watered the plants in my office.

4. I spent time reading.

5. I spent extra time stretching because my hips are out of alignment. I haven’t been to the chiropractor in awhile. I need to find out if they’re open and get there on Monday.

6. Did I mention I recorded my message multiple times?

7. I uploaded video content which took FOREVER. Ok, not forever. But a long time.

8. I updated the graphics card on my laptop which also took a long time, but then my computer starting working faster. So that was nice.

9. I texted with some people.

10. I started a new journal.

Here’s the short version of my message.

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