Today is April Fool’s Day! We were supposed to be stuffing plastic eggs tonight for the egg hunt. No eggs for you!

It’s been a good week, but long week. And I’m tired. So much brain fatigue. Here is my dairy for yesterday.

1. I worked my new job.

2. I’m learning to get up at 5 AM again.

3. I followed up on some chaplain visits via email and text.

4. I made Hello Fresh for dinner.

5. I did laundry because my husband refuses to wash my work clothes. This is a good thing!

6. I did yoga for stress relief. Plus I sit a lot at the new job.

7. I hosted a Zoom staff meeting and we discussed Palm Sunday. I wish I could tell you that I’m not sad about Holy Week. But that would be a lie.

8. We decided music doesn’t work well for Zoom or at least we don’t have the resources to do it correctly. I had to accept this new reality. There will be other Easters.

9. I posted a devotional.

10. I read Luke 19.

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