Yesterday was amazing! The weather was beautiful. 60 degrees in April in MICHIGAN. I hope everyone got outside. I made a point to do my running outside, but I ran in the Devon Aire neighborhood.

Here’s my to-do list from yesterday:

1. I ran 2 miles in the Devon Aire neighborhood.

2. I made sidewalk pastor visits. That was fun! It was so good to see people live and in person.

3. I ate lunch on the patio at my new job. It was a pleasure to listen to the birds and enjoy the sun. Today they are piping music outside. Why they gotta ruin it?

4. It was a good night to BBQ burgers on the grill.

5. I made cookies.

6. I emailed some people to check in.

7. I paid some bills.

8. I did morning yoga.

9. I bummed a dollar off my husband so I could wear jeans on Friday. It’s a weird work thing.

10. I read in Matthew’s Gospel.

What about you?

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