Goats Eat Poison Ivy

I heard an interview about someone who rented a heard of goats. He had purchased land and it was overgrown with brush. Apparently, goats love brush.

It made me curious. What kind of brush would they eat? Would they even eat poison ivy? Why, yes, they would. They eat any type of brush. Leaves, berries, everything but the stems. Even poison ivy.

I’ve often wondered what in the world God was thinking when he created poison ivy. My daughter cannot be within inches of it without breaking out in blisters. I suppose it would make a great deterrent to trespassers if you planted it around the perimeter.

Turns out there is a purpose for poison ivy. It’s food for goats. How is it not poisoness? What is different about their digestive system? Why don’t their tongues blister?

It makes me think of my life. Are there things in my life that work for me that don’t work for others? Do I dismiss people, products, or situations that seem irrelevant to me? Do I recognize that these are not irrelevant to other people?

The fact that goats eat poison ivy says “you do you” ’cause nobody else can or will.

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