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In a previous post, I talk about taking a values assessment. I want to help you go a little farther with it. On Friday, October 9th, I’m going to offer a free Zoom Introduction Workshop (7:00 PM EST) on discovering your core values. Our core values shape our story. They shape the story we tell ourselves internally and they shape the way we live our story.

Many times I have heard people talk about “Biblical” values. But what are we talking about when we talk about [Biblical] values? Values, in and of themselves, are morally neutral. The value of success is not immoral and the value of truth is not moral. We all know people who value success and live godly lives. We also know people who value truth who are mean as snakes. The morality of our values is shaped by both our character and our behavior.

We all have a set of core values (3-5) that motivate us and direct our steps. They are at the heart of many of our decisions. Some of those values are serving us well. Some are not serving us well at all. And most of us have never identified our core values. Which [Biblical] values drive most of your decisions? The value of love? The value of truth? The value of life? The value of inclusivity? The value of creativity?

Join me for a free Zoom workshop. We will work through some of your core values and start the conversation. By the end of our time together, you will have identified at least one core value. Then you will spend some time contemplating if it is serving you well and what to do about it.

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