Dreams Happen When You Set Goals

Every #December I set goals for the following year. I thought I was being clever by making 20 goals for 2020.

insert face of crazy person

Then it was March and the universe laughed in my face. Sometimes we take things too personally. Obviously, God has a collective message for our world, but I don’t believe he’s the Author of death. Yet, it has forced me to do lots of reflecting. Fortunately, as an introvert, I like reflecting. Maybe not this much. Hmm.

Then sometime around May I decided that I can take some control over my life. And I re-evaluated my goals in light of our situation.

Now here we are just two weeks before the new year. I’ve accomplished 18 out of 20 goals set for 2020. One of them was actually from 2019. I wasn’t able to get it off the ground, so I rolled it over to the next year. But today I published my first online course. It’s been a fun learning experience and something I felt like I could control in an out of control year.

Don’t quit on your #dreams and goals. It might be the wrong time or place, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Dreams happen when you write down your #goals and make a plan. Start slow, but start now.

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