A few years ago, we took a trip to the Philippines. That picture right there? Bananas don’t come anymore fresh! We bought an entire bunch. It took us days to eat them and we had to give half away.

We went to the Philippines to help our sister church rebuild their church building. It was destroyed by a typhoon. If you want a fresh perspective, then fly half way around the world. Everything is different.

We ate different foods for breakfast. Do you know how many kinds of bananas they have? Lots. We sang different songs in worship. And traffic? Yikes.

This handful of people changed our lives. We found common ground in our faith and our humanity. And we fell in love with this church family in ten short days.

It’s been almost three years and it’s still difficult to find the words for what happened to me. But I suspect it’s humility and grace. I never thought of myself as proud, but this fresh perspective gave me a new concept of humility.

Humility is more than a lack of pride. It is what happens when you learn to be authentic in your skin. You stop trying to prove yourself to the world and you accept the person God created you to be.

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  1. Lol yeah, we have tons of bananas and loads of variety too in Southeast Asia. Glad you enjoyed your time here. Do visit Malaysia someday if you have the chance!

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