Day 11: Ghosts

As a teen, I went through a phase when I read many thrillers, especially ghosts stories. They gave me nightmares, but I kept reading anyway. It was addicting. I had a fascination with the supernatural before I found God. I suppose I still have a fascination with the supernatural, but of a different kind.

People ask if I believe in ghosts. It seems silly not to believe. We are spiritual beings. I do not understand how the physical and spiritual realms overlap. However, it makes sense that occasionally we find ourselves with the ability to see beyond. I have never seen a ghost. I have never seen an angel either. Although, the scriptures indicate that sometimes we entertain angels without realizing it (Hebrews 13:2).

In my 29 years as a Believer, I have heard God speak to me many times. More times than I can count. Not audibly. The Spirit speaks to me more like an impression on my soul. It might be compelling, convicting, or healing. I have heard Him speak through the scriptures and sermons and other people. Sometimes it simply comes as a wave of knowing. Intuition, perhaps.

A friend once told me that my experience is unique. He does not believe most Christians have the same level of sensitivity. He suggested I should count myself blessed, and I do. There have been seasons when I have not sensed God or heard Him speak. It is tempting to think God has left and it is my fault. But this line of questioning is more like Paganism than Christianity.

Paganism requires you to perform rituals to keep the gods happy. Christianity has adopted this premise in some circles. We tell people God is not talking to them because of sin in their life. We tell them it is their fault that God is silent, but it does not work that way.

It is true that we can ignore God. We also need to learn to recognize His voice. But His silence is not anger or punishment. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Even David declares in his psalm that no matter where he tries to hide, God is still there.

We have this promise from Jesus that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Our feelings of abandonment are a lie. He is still here. He is not Elvis and He has not left the building. Rather, we must choose to believe He is still with us.

During Lent, we encourage people to seek God more intentionally. We hope it will help them learn to recognize God’s voice more clearly. It is okay to be frustrated if God seems silent. Even those of us who are highly sensitive experience the same thing. Instead, remind yourself each day that He has not left you. He is there even if you cannot see, feel, or hear Him.

Here is the good news: He can see you and He can hear you. Most importantly, He loves you!

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