Day 14: Tomorrow

Today’s devotion is about tomorrow. Every time I think about tomorrow, the song from the musical, Annie, comes to mind. It was a Broadway musical in 1977 and they made a movie in 1982. I was 12 when they released it along with an amazing soundtrack. We had it on VINYL! Ugh. Why didn’t I keep it?

My sister and I knew the word for every song. We also made up dance moves and tried to copy scenes from the movie. Our family room at the time was long and did not have much furniture. So we had lots of room for choreography. Dear Gen Z, Gen X actually invented TikTok in our family rooms while crushing dance moves to Annie!

But “Tomorrow” was far and away my favorite song on the album. I played it over and over and probably drove my parents crazy. I did NOT have headphones. I don’t know what it was about that song, but it resonated with my spirit. It was hopeful. It proposed this radical idea that things could change. Today might be difficult or painful, but the sun will come out tomorrow.

The sun actually is going to come out tomorrow. The weather forecaster predicts sun and 45 degrees. Oh Michigan, you are such a tease! I am cleaning a house tomorrow for our personal business and it is Friday. Tomorrow looks good. Even the tomorrows that are several months out look good. So many possibilities. So many opportunities.

Yet, I do not want to spend my life living on borrowed tomorrows. Although it is super tempting. I want to experience today, right now. I am sitting at my office desk looking out the window at gray skies and listening to fake rain on my sound machine. There is a mellow stillness to this moment and it feels good. I have all of my needs met and there are people who love me.

I still love tomorrow. The song and the abstract concept of time. But I am learning to love today. I am not in such a hurry to get to tomorrow because it will arrive in its own time. I cannot stop tomorrow from coming. But I can lose today if I am not careful. I can let this moment and this experience slip away and I will not be able to retrieve it. So I am pausing to enjoy today so that tomorrow I can do the same.

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