Day 20: 50 Favorite Things

Julia Cameron gives this exercise in her book, The Right to Write. She tells you to record 100 things you love. Then tuck away the list for days when you lose perspective. Here is my list of 50. I’m working my way up to 100. Feel free to share your list.

Rob, Michael, Rebecca
My dog
My parents/family
Soft rainy mornings
Cinnamon cake
Lemon pie
New car smell
Yellow cleaning gloves
Fine point pens
Crime dramas
Quiet mornings on the porch
Stories about overcoming great odds
The smell of my pillow
My bed after I’ve been gone a few days
Shih tzus
Watching glass blowing
Book stores
Office supplies
Christmas tree lights
Star parks
The sound of the crack of a bat bouncing off stadium walls
My kids’ hugs
The smell of spring rain
Detailed leather work
Bejeweled, white wedding gowns with long trains
The sound of horses’ hooves on cobbled streets
Cable knit sweaters
Gingerbread cookies with black tea
Coloring books and gel pens
The first winter snow
Unscented hand lotion
Candles that smell like food
Daily planners
Personality tests
Etymology of people’s names
Onomatopoeia because it’s fun to say aloud
Watching dust dance in the sunlight
Watching Olympic figure skating
Developing black and white photo prints
A back scratch
Herb gardens
Listening to woodpeckers mining for breakfast

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