About JoAnn

Meet JoAnn; preacher, church planter, blogger, podcast host, wife/mother, coffee lover, introvert advancing the Kingdom of God

I’m the planting pastor of Devon Aire Community (a Church of the Nazarene).

I was raised with a minimal church background and became a professing atheist in my early teens. Shortly after marrying, I had an encounter with God that was undeniable and transformative; a spiritual awakening. On July 5th, 1992, I came to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

I received my call to ministry, and I was ordained in 2007 by General Superintendent Emeritus, Dr. Nina Gunter. In my first 6 years of ministry, I served as the Pastor of Outreach & Evangelism at Detroit First Church of the Nazarene, under the leadership of Dr. Ronald Blake (currently the District Superintendent of Indianapolis).

You can read why I write this blog here or you can contact or subscribe below.

My hope is that you are encouraged on your journey of faith. Take the next step in seeking God and discover the depths of His love for you!

*Disclosure: this blog occasionally contains affiliate links

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