Calista Hagarty Shares Her Self-care Journey and How it Saved Her Life

Please welcome my friend, Cali Hagarty, to the podcast! Hooray! Cali has a beautiful story of transformation. She quotes her chiropractor saying, “Most people aren’t living longer; they’re dying longer”.  Meditation and self-care aren’t optional for Cali. Self-care is a matter of life and death. But I believe self-care is a matter of life and […]

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Rev. Ed Bastien and I talk about Self-care and Leaving Our Baggage at the Cross

Rev. Ed Bastien is a hospital chaplain and local church pastor in Ohio. He is also my brother-in-law. In this episode, we talk about God redeeming all of our stuff. We talk about self-care, especially in light of Covid19. And we talk about leaving our baggage at the Cross. It is a raw conversation and […]

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Pastor Marlene Webster Preaches Using the Lectionary

So good! Check out the newest episode. We’re talking about preaching this month. Now on Spotify and Google. You still have time to register for the Preaching Lab.

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