New Year, New You?

New year, new you. It’s one of my favorite slogans. I love setting new year goals. I like everything about it. The planning and the vision boards and the journal tracking. I’ve been doing it for more than twenty years. Goal setting became important to me when I started my wedding photography business. It never […]

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E62 Pastor Jon Hall on Self-Care and Counseling

Happy New Year 2021!  You made it! Please welcome my friend, Jon Hall, to the podcast. We talk self-care and counseling in this episode. Jon shares a little of his story and we dig into our own self-care journeys.  Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:  Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children […]

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New Episodes in 2021!

There are new episodes coming in 2021! What topics would you like to hear? Do you want more interviews? Do you want practical steps and techniques? Do you want to hear personal stories? What about Bible lessons? Let me know here! Your ideas matter to me.

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