Dr. Kimberly Majeski on Human Trafficking, Preaching, and Being Prepared in Season and Out

I’m so thankful for Dr. Kimberly Majeski! She is an ordained minister in the Church of God (Anderson). Kimberly currently teaches at Anderson University and runs two ministries; Stripped Love and Preacher Girl School. She has a great story and teaches us how to be compassionate to others when we don’t know their story.  You […]

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New Episodes in 2021!

There are new episodes coming in 2021! What topics would you like to hear? Do you want more interviews? Do you want practical steps and techniques? Do you want to hear personal stories? What about Bible lessons? Let me know here! Your ideas matter to me.

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Dear Person Who Thinks All I do is Read the Bible and Drink Coffee…

For ten years I photographed weddings. Then I became a minister. These two vocations make my working years look like bookends with me standing at both the front and the rear of the chapel. When people hear that I have been a wedding photographer and a minister they summarize my work experience as “one who […]

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