Day Ten: Flowers

I am allergic to flowers. Most of them. The flowers with abundant fragrance are the ones which trouble me most. Lilies, gardenias, hyacinths. It is tradition to have lilies covering the sanctuary on Easter Sunday as a sign of new life and resurrection. This is a problem for a pastor who is asthmatic and allergic […]

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Sucker Punch

At the end of third grade, we moved to Alpena, Michigan. It was four hours away from everyone and everything I knew. At eight years old, it may as well have been four states away. But fourth-graders tend to be very dramatic. No one tells parents this though. So consider this your heads up if […]

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Always Happy

Me and My Dog 🙂 It’s not really my dog. It’s my daughter’s dog. But my daughter lets me borrow her dog. Sometimes we sit on the porch and drink coffee. I started working as a chaplain several months ago. I visit people at their places of employment. I know. It’s weird. When people think […]

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