Pastor Jill Plants a Church During a Pandemic

A new podcast episode just dropped this week! Pastor Jill Waltz shares about planting a church during a pandemic. We also discuss parenting young adults and learning to walk in our own armor. It’s so good! Now on Google, Apple, Stitcher and Spotify.

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Dr Ron’s Words of Wisdom

New podcast episode! So excited to interview my friend, mentor, and former boss, Dr. Ron Blake. We talk about church planting, goal setting, and leadership during this crazy season. You can find his podcast just about anywhere. Check out Dr. Ron’s Words of Wisdom. Check out the new episode at

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Black History Month

It’s Black History Month and we want to encourage our podcast followers with some inspiring stories! Let’s kick it off with this podcast episode featuring Pastor Gloria Azikiwe. You can listen to my interview with Gloria here.

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