E81 Pastor Tara Beth Leach on Radiant Church and Being an Enneagram Six

Hey friends! Welcome back to the podcast. In this episode, I interview Pastor Tara Beth Leach. She is on staff at Christ Church in Oakbrook, Illinois. Tara Beth is also the author of three books; Emboldened, Radiant Church, and 40 Days on Being an Enneagram Six. We mostly discuss Radiant Church and making decisions as an enneagram six. However, we […]

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Hold The Vision

Hold the vision. Trust the process. I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I can’t really say that anymore since I haven’t trained in about two years. In the months leading up to my BB test, our master instructor grilled us. I would come out of training each week drenched in sweat. Sometimes I […]

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Some of My Friends are not Pastors

One day my children saw me talking to a friend they had never met. They inquired who he was and I said nonchalantly, “Oh, just a friend”. My daughter then asked what church he pastored. “Oh, he’s not a pastor,” I responded. She gasped, “You have friends who aren’t pastors”? Please feel free to file […]

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