E112 You Are Here: The Great Deconstruction

Welcome back to the podcast! I am beginning a new series on Deconstruction. You can find the introductory episode here or on Spotify.

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E105 Rev. Elaine Briefman on Overcoming Spiritual Abuse

Welcome back, friends! Here we go!!! Pastor Elaine Briefman has been a guest on the podcast previously. You can find that episode here.  In this episode, we define spiritual abuse, narcissism, gaslighting, and the challenges of dealing with it inside the church walls. Check out some links below fore more informaiton. Signs of Spiritual Abuse 25 […]

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Dr. Letiah Fraser on Disability Theology

Welcome back to the podcast! I know, I know. It’s been six months and we have so much to talk about.  Dr. Letiah Fraser talks about Disability Theology and how the Church can be the best version of Herself.  The Disabled God I’m Not Your Inspiration – Ted Talk

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