Spiderman was My Favorite

“…with great power comes great responsibility”. Spiderman was one of my favorite superheroes as a child. He had some cool abilities even if they did come about in a strange way. Yet, Spiderman recognized that his power could be wielded in irresponsible ways. He could use his power for the common good or he could […]

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My Favorite Leadership Hack

My favorite leadership hack is an annual retreat! Every leader seems to have their favorite hacks. Things that make leadership a little easier and keep them going. Mine is an annual retreat. It’s something I have been doing for several years now. I get away to a quiet place for five days to decompress and […]

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You’re Invited…

There is a new Facebook group for This is Her Story podcast! We are a podcast community encouraging women clergy and women in lay ministry. We also welcome men who recognize the egalitarian view of ministry. You can use this to post prayer requests, share resource materials, or ask questions about ministry. We are always […]

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