Quick Start Sermon Prep

Welcome back to our preaching series! Today I share a few resources in this new episode. See below. And I talk about my own quick start sermon prep that I use. Let me know what tips and tricks have helped you along the way. Communicating for a Change – Andy Stanley  10% Happier – Dan Harris Failure […]

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Spiderman was My Favorite

“…with great power comes great responsibility”. Spiderman was one of my favorite superheroes as a child. He had some cool abilities even if they did come about in a strange way. Yet, Spiderman recognized that his power could be wielded in irresponsible ways. He could use his power for the common good or he could […]

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My Favorite Leadership Hack

My favorite leadership hack is an annual retreat! Every leader seems to have their favorite hacks. Things that make leadership a little easier and keep them going. Mine is an annual retreat. It’s something I have been doing for several years now. I get away to a quiet place for five days to decompress and […]

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