E118 Megan Hall on Deconstruction & the Enneagram

Get ready, friends! This episode is locked and loaded. Haha. Megan shares her story and, in the second half, we discuss how each enneagram number may handle the deconstruction process. Megan’s story includes how politics influenced her journey towards deconstruction. I believe many of you will be able to relate.  Books to consider: Jesus and […]

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E117 Dr. Mark Karris on Healing Religious Trauma

Welcome back! I’m excited for you to meet Dr. Mark Karris. In this episode, we talk about his new book and healing from religious trauma. You can connect with him on his website or find his books on Amazon.

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E113 Zack Hunt on What it Means for the Bible to be Inspired

Welcome back! It’s the next installment of the Deconstruction series. Today, Zack Hunt joins me to discuss his new book, Godbreathed. We discuss the doctrine of Inerrancy and why there is a better way to understand Scripture.  Follow Zach on all social media platforms. Godbreathed book

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