Day 25: Cookies

On Sunday, I will celebrate my 29th Easter as a follower of Jesus. I can remember that first Easter as if it were yesterday. I wanted to experience every moment of it. I celebrated Palm Sunday and a traditional Maundy Thursday. On Friday, I gathered for a Good Friday mass and then a Holy Saturday […]

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Day 24: Purple

Currently I am obsessed with the color yellow. I replaced the couch in my office with yellow chairs. My new water bottle is yellow. And my husband gave me a pair of yellow Converse for Valentine‚Äôs Day. I should clarify that they are faux Converse. I do not want to end up on PreachersNSneakers. My […]

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Day Nine: Dress

My children were born four and a half years apart. The age gap was enough that I wanted to know the gender before she was born. During my first pregnancy, we wanted to wait until the baby arrived. Thus, we received loads of yellow and green baby clothes. I figured if we knew the gender, […]

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