Day 11: Ghosts

As a teen, I went through a phase when I read many thrillers, especially ghosts stories. They gave me nightmares, but I kept reading anyway. It was addicting. I had a fascination with the supernatural before I found God. I suppose I still have a fascination with the supernatural, but of a different kind. People […]

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It’s Not Good-Bye (Re-blog)

Funerals are for the living, not the dead. My congregation has heard me preach this many times. It is for us to remember and to help us move towards our new normal. It was three years ago today that we laid my father-in-law to rest. I wanted to share these words from that day. (Re-blog) […]

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My 2020 Reading List

OMW! 2020 has been a year! 🙂 For the last several years, I have shared my book list. This year I read 50 books and I have selected 10 of my favorites to share with you. You can listen to my latest podcast episode about these books or read about them below. (in no particular […]

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