E120 Hope Ray on Betrayal Violence, Stay Shaming, and the Psychology of Persuasion

Welcome back, friends! Please give a shout out to my new friend, Hope Ray. Hope is a therapist who specializes in Betrayal Violence. There is so much in this episode that will be helpful to pastors and lay people. We discuss betrayal in the context of marriage, but you will see the easy correlation to […]

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E117 Dr. Mark Karris on Healing Religious Trauma

Welcome back! I’m excited for you to meet Dr. Mark Karris. In this episode, we talk about his new book and healing from religious trauma. You can connect with him on his website or find his books on Amazon.

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E116 Dr. Brent Neely of Ancient Prayers

Hello, friends! Dr. Brent Neely joins me on the podcast to talk about the ancient church and how it can help ground us when everything seems to be falling down around us.

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