E75 Rev. Dan Bohi Talks about Becoming Love

Welcome back, friends! In this episode, I interview my friend, Rev. Dan Bohi. We talk about the near-death experience that radically changed his life. I have included the links below mentioned in this episode. The Lazy Genius Podcast  Follow me here: Follow the podcast:  Follow Dan Bohi:  My YouTube channel 

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90 Day Leadership Challenge

It’s been a long 15 months! Are you ready to level up? We need your voice. Join me for a 90-day leadership challenge beginning June 1st. We will use Kadi Cole’s FINDING YOUR LEADERSHIP VOICE to help us with skills and mental resilience.  The leadership challenge is free! The only cost will require letting go […]

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Wrestling with Our Faith

My friend launched a podcast four months ago. He recently invited me to be a guest. We talk about Women Clergy and Dinner Church. Here’s the video. It is also on Google Podcast, Spotify, and Podbean.

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