Day 24: Forgive

I’m using a random word generator for my blog posts right now. The word for today is “forgive”. Forgiveness is a theme that has come up a few times recently, even when the word of the day was something else. There is a natural tendency to ask why when we experience serendipitous moments. We wonder […]

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Day 15: Yesterday

The older I get, the more yesterdays that are behind me. My mind is full of so many yesterdays. Some of them make me smile. Some are sad. Some cause guilt and shame to rise up. The strongest memories of yesterday all have deep emotion attached to them. It is part of the reason they […]

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Day Three: Hallways

I turned the corner and my husband was standing in the hallway talking to someone. I could not see their face, but as I came closer I recognized him. He was someone from high school, a former boyfriend. I stopped in my tracks and held my breath. It was only for a moment, but it […]

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