Day 26: Dogs

We sat in Linda’s golf cart at the campground. Children were running and giggling. I could smell burgers from someone’s grill. And I was sharing with her all the ways we might change the world together in ministry. I needed a right hand; a teaching pastor who would be an anchor. But also, someone who […]

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Media, Introverts, and Energy

It’s Media Week! We’re in the midst of a media fast this week. I know. Here I am. Writing a blog post. Each of us chose a different form of fasting. I chose to limit myself to one hour a day. So blogging today will take up 30 minutes or so. I spent part of […]

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Mutiny Week 4: Media

It’s a 24/7 world, friends! This week? We’re going off-line. Ugh. I did not think this through very well. Our group has been meeting online to encourage and challenge one another. Hmm. How to do this week well?   In Jen Hatmaker’s book, her family “shut down” seven screens…for a month! They eliminated TV, gaming, […]

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