Progress > Perfection

There’s a jewelry company that has inspirational quotes on pins, bracelets, and necklaces. I picked up one for a friend that read: progress over perfection. To be honest, most of my life they seemed to be one and the same. I felt the pressure to always be making progress, measurable progress, significant progress. I carried […]

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Dreams Happen When You Set Goals

Every #December I set goals for the following year. I thought I was being clever by making 20 goals for 2020. insert face of crazy person Then it was March and the universe laughed in my face. Sometimes we take things too personally. Obviously, God has a collective message for our world, but I don’t […]

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Virtual Retreat

One of my best leadership hacks is an annual retreat. I take the first full week of August to unplug, listen, and process what God is leading me to do. And I want to share this leadership hack with you. Would you be interested in coming along on this journey? I will lead you virtually […]

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