Day 22: Admire

Who do you admire? Does a specific person come to mind? Does a type of person come to mind? Admiration comes in many forms. Some say imitation is the highest form of admiration. We often imitate those we admire by how we dress, speak, act, and even what we read. I know that I imitate […]

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Day 21: Sick

A few years ago, I was sick. Incredibly sick. My doctor diagnosed me with diverticulitis and sent me for a CT scan. At first she wanted to admit me to the hospital, but then she decided I would be alright with two strong antibiotics, lots of water, and rest. Rest? Who has time for rest? […]

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Day 18: Secret

I have a secret. I like coffee. Just kidding. It’s not a secret. Why is it that the word “secret” seems to conjure up something bad or naughty? I had a friend who had a secret room once. It was definitely in the naughty category. But the etymology of the word comes from the Latin […]

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