It was 1987

It was 1987 and I was a junior in high school. It was the era of big hair, cola wars, and gas for $ 0.99 a gallon (not kidding). I had a part-time job at a fast-food chain, Hardees. FTR, best biscuits anywhere. Also, our children’s meals came with mini Pound Puppies. Google it. It […]

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Five Deaths; Five Weeks

Dear Lord, what are you doing? Those were the first words that came to mind this morning. A couple in our church lost their sister-in-law early this morning in a fatal auto accident. I can only imagine the grief they are feeling. Last week, my aunt died after a long battle with ALS. She was […]

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I Heart the Church, part II

I have a confession. I love the Church! So many people are talking about her with so much disdain. And it makes my heart break. She may be broken, but she is beautiful! And I love her! I think the biggest problem is that we see her through our individualistic worldview. We see one person […]

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