Write It Down

Write it down. All of it. Preferably on paper. I am a chronic journalist who keeps many journals. I recently packed up a box of them for my attic. My journal patterns have varied over the years. Sometimes they are bullet points and other times they are prayers written long hand. Lately they begin with […]

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New Rhythms

There is not a typical rhythm to my day or week. At least it’s very minimal. I’ve tried to have a consistent morning and evening routine over the last twenty-five years. Some of the elements are the same, but not always in the same order. I don’t do well with rigidity of routine. There has […]

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When I was 21…

When I was twenty-one… I had my life figured out. My twenty-first birthday was in April and I married in September. We were going to buy a house, live there for five years, then buy our “real” house where we would raise our children. I was going to be a famous photographer, maybe we would […]

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