How I (Prayer) Retreat…

I have been taking an annual prayer retreat for several years now. Since then, several people have inquired about the format I use. When I first considered taking a prayer retreat, I did some research and did not find much out there. Most of what I did discover was designed for group retreats. So I […]

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I Want to Slow Down

How long have I been trying to earn the approval of others? Only the first 45 years of my life! – Sammy Davis, Jr. I was out walking early before any of the other cabins were stirring. The dew was still on the meadow. I heard birds calling and the wind rustling the leaves on […]

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Media, Introverts, and Energy

It’s Media Week! We’re in the midst of a media fast this week. I know. Here I am. Writing a blog post. Each of us chose a different form of fasting. I chose to limit myself to one hour a day. So blogging today will take up 30 minutes or so. I spent part of […]

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