Day Seven: Pens

I like pens and I cannot lie. My current favorite pen is the Pentel RSVP Finepoint in black ink. Is that more information than you wanted? I’ve been journaling for years. Pens and notebooks are my weakness. I have a stash at any given time. Also, I am open to any journal and pen gifts. […]

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Day Six: Aging

There is a place in Frankenmuth, Michigan that sells aged cheese and meats. The cheese has been aged ten, fifteen, even twenty years. I have wondered how they keep it from getting moldy. It also makes me wonder who waits twenty years for cheese? But it is the price that baffles me. Aged cheese, even […]

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Day Five: Storms

Some storms come up fast like the time we were roofing our house. We had torn off all of the shingles and several rotten sheets of plywood. Then we saw the clouds in the distance. My husband jumped in his truck and headed out to buy more tarps, but the clouds were moving faster than […]

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