Day 26: Dogs

We sat in Linda’s golf cart at the campground. Children were running and giggling. I could smell burgers from someone’s grill. And I was sharing with her all the ways we might change the world together in ministry. I needed a right hand; a teaching pastor who would be an anchor. But also, someone who […]

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Day 24: Forgive

I’m using a random word generator for my blog posts right now. The word for today is “forgive”. Forgiveness is a theme that has come up a few times recently, even when the word of the day was something else. There is a natural tendency to ask why when we experience serendipitous moments. We wonder […]

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Day 23: Advice

The last baby shower I attended was some time ago. Certainly pre-Covid. One of the activities included writing the best parenting hack you ever received on a 3×5 card for the parents-to-be. They probably had a second question for those attending who did not have children, but I do not remember. The best parenting advice […]

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