An Average Life Well Lived

It must have been Christmas 1984 when this photo was taken. A memory from long ago. Feel free to laugh and mock the clothing, but especially the couch! Holy Cow! What were we thinking? The lady in the middle is my Aunt Marilyn. Well, she is not my aunt by marriage or blood. She was […]

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When They’re Saving Your Life

A few years ago, my friend was in a serious automobile accident. EMS arrived on the scene and they had to call for the Jaws of Life to cut her out of the car. My friend’s wounds were relatively minor in comparison to the wreckage. The seatbelt had cut into her skin, though, and there […]

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7 Prayers to Help You Be More Grateful

The season of giving is upon us! We are entering into a time of thanksgiving and celebration. Yet, in our materialistic and selfie-centered world, we struggle to give thanks with truly grateful hearts. God desires for us to reflect His image. He wants us to have grateful hearts that express His love to others. Here are […]

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