Day 26: Dogs

We sat in Linda’s golf cart at the campground. Children were running and giggling. I could smell burgers from someone’s grill. And I was sharing with her all the ways we might change the world together in ministry. I needed a right hand; a teaching pastor who would be an anchor. But also, someone who […]

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Day Four: Parking Lot

It was a warm summer evening as I walked to my car. The air was sweet from the humidity. As I approached my car, I noticed something tucked under the wiper. It was a note folded several times into a triangle and a single, red rose. You know, the ones you find at the gas […]

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Love Your Neighbor. Love Your Enemies. Love Your Mama.

I am currently preaching through a sermon series from the Gospel of Luke. On a recent read-thru, I noticed that Jesus is reckless in this Gospel. Luke paints a picture of Jesus that is both tender and direct. Most of us miss it because we get all caught up in chapter two and baby Jesus […]

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