Love Your Neighbor. Love Your Enemies. Love Your Mama.

I am currently preaching through a sermon series from the Gospel of Luke. On a recent read-thru, I noticed that Jesus is reckless in this Gospel. Luke paints a picture of Jesus that is both tender and direct. Most of us miss it because we get all caught up in chapter two and baby Jesus […]

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I Heart the Church!

The Church is the people of God. The Church is called out to bear visible witness to the free gift of grace we have received through Jesus Christ (Beth Jones). Our individualistic and gnostic society has convinced the [Western] Church that we are an invisible force. But we are not invisible. We are a witness; […]

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When the Universe conspires against you

There are people who are born and it seems the Universe has conspired against them from day one. Maybe they were born addicted to drugs or in poverty or into a broken home. Maybe they had health problems or parents who didn’t know how to love. These are the ones who need the love of […]

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