You Got This: An Open Letter to Men

It’s Sunday and it’s Father’s day! I was talking with a friend this week and he mentioned how Father’s Day is not much on his radar. The man who raised him had passed away and he never really knew his biological father. I commented that Father’s Day is the hardest Sunday of the year as […]

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Please Stop with the “Smokin’ Hot Wife” References…

Rachel Held Evans tells the story of a Christian speaker who spoke of his struggle with pornography. At the conference, he concluded his talk by declaring victory¬†over his addiction and introducing his wife to the audience. The speaker then referenced her as his “smokin’ hot wife” and the audience applauded. Smokin’. Hot. Wife. The phrase […]

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Twin Peaks

Eats, Drinks, And Disparaging Women since 2005. There’s a new restaurant in our home town. We have a corridor of restaurants in our town. They are peppered in between rows of clothing stores and coffee shops. They are what you would think of as mainstream, family friendly retail: Meijer, Target, Panera, Starbucks, and Babys R […]

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