New Podcast Episode: Dr. Glen Gardner

In this episode, I interview Dr. Glen Gardner. He is the district superintendent of Eastern Michigan District Church of the Nazarene.  We had a great conversation about what he’s learned on his journey of ministry. He also shares about his role in advocating for women clergy. There is great material in this episode! I hope […]

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I came home on Monday from my “other job” sick. I’ve been a bi-vocational pastor for ten years, but I use the term loosely. My “tent-making” has been limited to chaplain work and administration for our family business. Recently, we noticed the need for me to become officially bi-vocational and I was hired to data […]

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An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren on International Women’s Day

Dear Senator Warren, I have been following you on Instagram and watching your candidacy. This week, I saw the video of you telling your husband that when you stepped onto the porch you would be suspending that same candidacy. And, I confess, a lump formed in my throat. You have been an inspiration to so […]

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