A few years ago, we took a trip to the Philippines. That picture right there? Bananas don’t come anymore fresh! We bought an entire bunch. It took us days to eat them and we had to give half away. We went to the Philippines to help our sister church rebuild their church building. It was […]

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Philippines Update: Getting Closer

We have been missing our new friends in Calamba, Philippines! Say hello to Pastor Donald, Vivian, Kean, and Kyl. Faith Church has been hard at work finishing the outer walls of their permanent facility. They have even started to work on one of the restrooms (CR in the Philippines). Here are some of the newest […]

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I Pineapple Philippines

We had an incredible experience on our mission trip to the Philippines. We arrived to find one wall and a roof of the new building. When we left we had 3/4 of the walls up. Since then Faith Church has been working hard to finish their building project. Faith Church has been praying for 20 […]

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