E4/E124 Megan Cousins Throws a Curveball

Welcome back, friends! Megan Cousins is a friend and newly published author. We spend time discussing her process and how it has become an act of spiritual formation. Check out Megan on IG. IG @authormegancousins IG @joann.c.bastien YouTube @joanncbastien  Apple, Google, Spotify, YouTube 

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E120 Hope Ray on Betrayal Violence, Stay Shaming, and the Psychology of Persuasion

Welcome back, friends! Please give a shout out to my new friend, Hope Ray. Hope is a therapist who specializes in Betrayal Violence. There is so much in this episode that will be helpful to pastors and lay people. We discuss betrayal in the context of marriage, but you will see the easy correlation to […]

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E118 Megan Hall on Deconstruction & the Enneagram

Get ready, friends! This episode is locked and loaded. Haha. Megan shares her story and, in the second half, we discuss how each enneagram number may handle the deconstruction process. Megan’s story includes how politics influenced her journey towards deconstruction. I believe many of you will be able to relate.  Books to consider: Jesus and […]

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