E103 Dr. Carolyn Moore on When Women Lead

Please welcome Dr. Carolyn Moore to the podcast! She is a church planter, lead pastor, podcast host, and author. We discuss her new book, When Women Lead, along with other leadership ideas. This episode is filled with great insight as we discuss how to find our way forward when we experience resistance. When Women Lead […]

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E102 Sarah Quezada on Love Undocumented

Thanks for joining me on the podcast! Sarah Quezada works with Women of Welcome doing immigration and refugee work. She talks about her work there and we discuss Sarah’s book, Love Undocumented. I’ve included resources below. You will love this episode! Women of Welcome Love Undocumented IG @womenofwelcome

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E101 Dr. Courtney Skiera-Vaughn Talks about Free the Girls

Thanks for joining me for episode 101! Dr. Courtney Skiera-Vaughn is the Director of International Programming for Free the Girls. We talk about the work she and the ministry is doing to help women regain independence after experiencing human trafficking.  Free the Girls (IG)  Free the Girls (web)  Here’s an article that explains the LUUUUTT model: What Happened […]

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