My 2020 Reading List

OMW! 2020 has been a year! 🙂 For the last several years, I have shared my book list. This year I read 50 books and I have selected 10 of my favorites to share with you. You can listen to my latest podcast episode about these books or read about them below. (in no particular […]

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My Top Ten Reads of 2018

Every year I make a reading goal. I knew 2018 would be a hectic year, so I set my bar a little lower. My goal was to read 36 books. And I am finishing the last few books this week. Books speak to us in different ways. A book we read this year may not […]

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More Than Words

We sat in the booth waiting for our pizza and talking about what we were reading. I had been wanting to expand my genres. My children, now young adults, made suggestions and shared about the books they were enjoying. My son shared a story of how he had attempted to check out a particular book […]

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