E62 Pastor Jon Hall on Self-Care and Counseling

Happy New Year 2021!  You made it! Please welcome my friend, Jon Hall, to the podcast. We talk self-care and counseling in this episode. Jon shares a little of his story and we dig into our own self-care journeys.  Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:  Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children […]

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Calista Hagarty Shares Her Self-care Journey and How it Saved Her Life

Please welcome my friend, Cali Hagarty, to the podcast! Hooray! Cali has a beautiful story of transformation. She quotes her chiropractor saying, “Most people aren’t living longer; they’re dying longer”.  Meditation and self-care aren’t optional for Cali. Self-care is a matter of life and death. But I believe self-care is a matter of life and […]

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Rev. Ed Bastien and I talk about Self-care and Leaving Our Baggage at the Cross

Rev. Ed Bastien is a hospital chaplain and local church pastor in Ohio. He is also my brother-in-law. In this episode, we talk about God redeeming all of our stuff. We talk about self-care, especially in light of Covid19. And we talk about leaving our baggage at the Cross. It is a raw conversation and […]

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