Day Six: Aging

There is a place in Frankenmuth, Michigan that sells aged cheese and meats. The cheese has been aged ten, fifteen, even twenty years. I have wondered how they keep it from getting moldy. It also makes me wonder who waits twenty years for cheese? But it is the price that baffles me. Aged cheese, even […]

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Social Media, Social Issues, and the Importance of Rhetoric

Social media is here to stay! However, I think most of us have forgotten how new it is to our culture. Social media primarily post-dates 9-11. Facebook was founded in 2004 making it barely a teenager of 14! Twitter is twelve years old. Instagram is 8 years old. And blogging has only been “a thing” […]

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Always Happy

Me and My Dog 🙂 It’s not really my dog. It’s my daughter’s dog. But my daughter lets me borrow her dog. Sometimes we sit on the porch and drink coffee. I started working as a chaplain several months ago. I visit people at their places of employment. I know. It’s weird. When people think […]

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